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The 7 Steps to Intentional Career Management

Career Success Coaching

We are Career Experts. Since 2007, The Bauke Group has worked with countless professionals to get more of what they want from their jobs and careers. We guide people through the process of defining “career success”  in their terms and then developing a plan to get it!



People of all generations see work differently today, and this is only going be more of an imperative, with non-negotiables such as the ability to manage their own careers-having input, choosing how and where they work, collaborating versus being “top down,” and moving in the direction of their choosing. And those with direct reports have enough on their plates without the additional responsibility of being the Career Manager for every team member.

This program puts YOU in a position to GROW within the organization- and to contribute to the organization’s growth and success as well!

Based on 60+ years working with people across industries and professions, and our TBG Career Happiness Formula (what you are good at + what you like to do + what you can get paid for + working in a place and a way you can be successful), the 7 Steps to Intentional Career Management helps people identify a career path that is right for them, right now and moving forward.

What People Are Saying:

Jeff is very supportive and flexible to meet his client’s individual needs. He is an expert in his field and is able to offer valuable advice to help clients meet their career goals. I also appreciate that he coaches while upholding good values, and encourages his clients to uphold theirs. I would absolutely recommend Jeff for your career journey!

Kate Fortlage, Vice President Marketing, Promevo

The course was very insightful and good way to start thinking about your career. I've managed to create my own long term and short term goals that I want to achieve steps by steps. I got tips from how can I be more confident on my job right now, how to stay happy and discover new skills, and skills that I needed to attain my career goals.

Frances Diane Leynes

I thought the content was very good. I like how she repeated the four key pillars about doing what you like and does it pay. I thought kind of refreshing those at the beginning was very good, so those I think those were a lot of my, you know, really great things I loved about it.

Deborah Gero

The course is so timely and very effective, especially for those people who are kind of lost with careers. Completing this course and participating in each activity in each module gives me clarity about my short-term & long-term goals. It also helped me be more confident with what I am doing now with the company I am in and helped me discover the skill/niche where I am good (and what I enjoyed most!).

Gladys Lauren Leynes

I found the content incredibly helpful. We are taught to cater our experience and resumes to job rather than focusing on our skills and finding a job that is right for us. The content was easily accessible and really made me shift my focus and be much more excited about the job search. It also helped me to hone my skills and what I enjoy doing in jobs.

Heather Compton